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Production Designer

Production Designing provided me with many challenges and opportunities in Film and Television all over the world. In these varied and stimulating environments I was aided by many skilled teams in the Art Department, all of whom contribute so much to what ends up on the screen as a finished project. This overall collaboration is an important component in the way I work.

FILMS & TV (partial list)

The Teacup Travels (TV)
The Quinn-tuplets (TV)
Related (TV)
Little Man
Son of the Mask
Cold Creek Manor
Men of Honor
Pay It Forward
Deep Impact
The Peacemaker
How to Make an American Quilt
The Distinguished Gentleman
Honey I Blew Up the Kid
What About Bob?
Guilty By Suspicion
The Exorcist III
The Abyss

CV & Bio

Awards & Nominations


Star Wars (Oscar)
The Empire Strikes Back
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Oscar)
The Abyss

Art Director

I was fortunate to have been trained in my earlier years by many talented people in the UK Art Department. My early mentors included John Barry and Norman Reynolds. Additionally I learned so much from the brilliant Art Directors/Draughtsmen around me, which included: Alan Tomkins, Peter Childs and the great Reg Bream. The education I received as an On-Set Art Director with several outstanding Directors also served to give me the confidence to advance in that field.

Production Designer

Art Director



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